Albert's PistenBully 600 Polar

Artikel Rad & Kette

The german magazine Rad & Kette 1/2014 features an article by me about detailing my PB600 Polar with lots of advices. It's in German language.

I even made it on the front page!

The article can be downloaded here as PDF, with friendly permission by the magazine



The PB600 in scale 1:12 is based on the Graupner chassis, which meanwhile consists only of the tub and the powertrain.
The gear box was retrofitted with a modified primary gear set by Pistenking to achieve a more realistic slower speed.



The body and tiller have been developed by myself, and they are also available as kits. The snow blade is from Pistenking (Andi Rieger), the front mechanisms has been scratch built. The tracks are from Kettenkraxler (Klaus Bergdolt), and recently the look has been enhanced by original scale wheels from Pistenking.



An absolutely scale finisher, which was difficult to produce, has been added to the AlpinFlex-Tiller.

The tiller itself is of course motorized (see video).

The hydraulic hoses are according to the original.

The side finishers can be raised by remote control.



PB600 select

Even for a model a general overhaul is necessary after a few years - for the originals this is done at the factory, and the revised snow cat is called a PistenBully select.

During this overhaul our PB600 select got new auxilliary lights from Pistenking (see Know How). All LEDs were exchanged and are now switchable seperately.

The connection between body and tub is done with a CAT5-connector (see Know How)

The body is hold in place with 3 strong neodymium magnets from a hardware store. The old Graupner mounting bolts were replaced with turned parts, which serve as positioners (see pictures left and below).

Of course body and paint damages were repaired, like at the original.


The new driver is by the way an enthusiastic VANS fan, like all our drivers, and furthermore snowboarder. He has his snowboard always with him.



The PB600 wasw originally a Graupner PistenBully which came on the market in 1981. It was immediately purchased with all available accessories. Below are historic pictures from 1984: that's how the model looked back then and how it was used over decades, before the modification to the PB600 was done in 2007.

Graupner 1984
Graupner 1984 Graupner 1984

Technical Data

- Scale: 1:12
- Chassis tub: Graupner
- Tracks: Kettenkraxler (self made)
- Equipment carrier front: self made
- Snow blade by Pistenking
- PB600 body by AT modellbau
- AlpinFlex-Tiller by AT modellbau

- Wheel Set by Pistenking
- Parts set for driver cabin by Pistenking
- Gear conversion set by Pistenking

Electronic Components:
- RC system ScaleArt Commander SA-1000 with CM-1000 Receiver
- Double Speed Controller Pistenking
- Castle Creations CC BEC to supply the receiver and servos
- Battery NiMH 6 cells
- CTI Switch Modules Ps4o and PS4u to control the lights
- Back-up warning beeper Pistenking
- Rotating beacon Pistenking

ScaleArt Commander SA-1000



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