JC PistenBully 400 ParkPro Die Cast Model in 1:32

Although the Jaegerndorfer PB400 is not available in the ParkPro design it can be easily repainted.

The drivers cabin can be unmounted by loosening the screw at the bottom. It is then carefully masked for the airbrushing with satin black, as shown at the lower left. The mirror mounts and handle bars are also painted black, which is best done with a fine brush.

The printed white logos can be removed with some patience with a cotton swap and ethanol (alcohol), or very carefully with a cloth rag moistened with lacquer thinner. Better try beforehand on a non visible part that the red paint is not removed as well.

The decals were made by us and they are available at Pistenking. These must be cut very close to the print, as seen to the left. They are put into water for about 10 seconds and can then easily be slided on to the body. They work the same as the decals from plastic kits.

The ParkPro also features logo and text on the roof, which are also included in the decals set.

As the ParkPro has a lever steering on the left arm rest the steering column has to be cut away. For a truly scale look the cutting angle cylinder of the blade has to be attached to the rear of the pushing frame instead to the chassis tub. This is not so easily done and therefore we didn't do it so far.


JC PB400 in ParkPro design

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