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Our Drivers and VANS

by Albert Tuertscher

Of course there has to be a driver in an RC snow cat, otherwise it would be kind of a ghost vehicle. Figures in scale 1:12 are available at doll stores. Naturally they are not featuring the right clothes for a snow cat driver. Therefore one has to ask his better half to take care of this and sew appropriate winter clothes.

The regular shoes of these dolls look nice with a tuxedo, so a change was necessary as well.

We are hard-core fans of the VANS brand, and therefore our drivers had to have the same shoes. We choose the VANS Sk8 High MTE with a PistenBully-red stripe, which are suitable for winter conditions. These VANS are by the way available as real shoes.

For the season 2013/14 the drivers got new anoraks from VANS.

I made the VANS Sk8-High by hand with putty which can be hardened in an oven (left). Afterwards I made a mold with silicone, and then reproduced the shoes with white PU-resin. Finally they were painted (right).

These are pretty sure the smallest VANS shoes on the planet.

Of course there has to be a VANS sticker on the snow cats as well, which was reduced to the correct scale and printed.


Even our smallest snow cat driver in scale 1:32 is wearing VANS Sk8-High.

She is driving our JC PB400 RC

Copyright © 2019 Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau 

Copyright © 2020 Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau 

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