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Privacy Notice

1. This document aims to regulate the RULES OF USE and to safeguard the PROTECTION OF THE USERS of www.pistenraupen.com & www.w-p-m.org
referred to herein as WPM (Current data under Imprint). The terms “You & USER” are used here to refer to the individuals or entities that for whatever reason access this site.

2. Use of the Sites www.pistenraupen.com & www.w-p-m.org

2a The user undertakes to use the pages of WPM and those services made available through the same, in a moral way in accordance with law, good custom and public order, currently governing LAW, as well as with that established by these Rules of Use. As a result, you or the user will oblige to refrain from using the site WPM or services for illicit purposes or effects and / or in contrary to what is established in these Rules of Use, which could be harmful to the rights and / or interests of third parties or in any way that could damage the site WPM or impede its normal use or the use of the services accessed the same, for the rest of the users, WPM and / or its image.

2b WPM can, in order to improve the pages of WPM for the benefit of the users unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior warning, the services provided or any other substantial aspect of this site, or the operational, technical or user conditions of the pages of WPM.

2c All users of the pages of WPM must observe any instruction that WPM, admin of WPM, or its duly authorized personnel send to the user via E-mail .

2d WPM is not responsible for the control of and has not previously controlled the contents for the presence of VIRUS or other harmful components, that may cause alterations in the software or hardware of the users or persons that visit the pages and is therefore excluded from any liability for the damage of any kind that could derive from the same.

3. Intellectual Property and Copyright

3a The graphic design of the pages of WPM and the HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script, Flash, Active X language codes, is protected by copyright or/and other intellectual property protection rights. These rights belong exclusively to WPM. The pages of WPM are generally blocked for download, copy or prints via Printer. If areas are not blocked, does not automatically give any user the right to download, copy or print any of the items shown as picture or text. WPM only allows the use of photo material or written information for the purpose of promoting the WPM products only.

4. Non-Personal data with WPM

4a We use Nnon–personal data for statistic reasons only. (Type of browsers, geographic location, visit on pages… etc.) to honour the needs and requirement of our customers. WPM uses the statistical tools of www.1and.com.

WPM uses when required “Cookies” to adjust the pages better to your needs. A Cookie is data that is sent from a website to your browser and stored on your system, to improve your online experience. A cookie can help and assist you, that data that you have send us on your last visit is saved on your system, not having to enter the same data again. You can adjust your browser in such a way that you get a notification when you receive a cookie. This gives you the possibility to accept or decline the cookie. We recommend minors not to send private/personal data to any one without permission of their parents, parents to educate and instruct minors, and where required take measures of precaution.

5. Personal Data with WPM

5a WPM respects the privacy of every person visiting WPM website, therefore we safeguard all relevant data. No personal data is collected when visiting WPM websites. WPM only collects personal data when you share it with WPM by contacting WPM.

5b This information will not be given to anyone outside WPM for processing and storage.

Generally you are entitled to request information about the data held regarding your person or company. Furthermore you are entitled to make changes and/or withdraw the right to store your data. In this case all grounds to upkeep a business relationship will be withdrawn, and all personal data will be deleted.

6. Links to other sites – Hyperlinks

6a Links that are available on WPM sites can bring you outside the domain of WPM, who has no control over these sites. Personal data which you have passed on to WPM will not be transferred to other sites when using links to other domains. These links were set up according to their important contents and WPM cannot be held responsible for the handling of personal data, when entering and using services offered or changes made to the contents and handling of personal data.

6b The owners of links on the domain of WPM are solely responsible for contents, presentation as well as further links on their pages. For upholding the pages in a moral way, in accordance with law, good custom, public order and currently governing law, the owners carry the full responsibility.

6c It takes a written application and written permission to establish a hyperlink to WPM sites. This permission is subjected to up keeping the “RULE OF USE” set up in this document. Disregarding the rules in this document, will result in immediate deactivation of the set hyperlink.

6d Hyperlinks from the Applicant / User must be set without diversion from the Applicant / User to the domain of WPM.

6e The right to decide on and deactivate a hyperlink, lies solely with WPM and needs no consent from the hyperlink Applicant / User. A notification regarding the deactivation is principally not necessary.

7. Causes for exclusion

WPM reserves the right to temporarily or definitely exclude a User in the event of the following:

a Breach of any of the General Conditions of Use established in this document.

b Breach of the law, morality, and the public order.

By excluding a user, WPM does not renounce legal action or any corresponding legal compensation.

8. The right to access your personal data.

To use your right to access your personal data, make changes to used personal information on the database of WPM, send your request/instruction of change in written form to the contact given in Imprint.

9. Agreement for handling of personal DATA by WPM

WPM tries to use your information in such a way, in which we believe, will bring you the user advantages when visiting the sites of WPM. At no time does WPM sell or rent / lease information about our visitors or customers to others or third parties. Generally we use your data to provide you with the information about new and improved products and new services available.